Redevelopment Authority

Mission Statement

The mission of the Millbury Redevelopment Authority is to create opportunities to attract and sustain development to revitalize Millbury's economy and cultural growth while making our community attractive and self-sufficient.


  • Develop an implementation plan for the 146 Corridor.
  • Identify, define, and prioritize development target areas.
  • Identify development and/or funding opportunities for designated priority locations.
  • Promote coordination, cooperation, and communication among the town development boards.

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    Board Members

    NameTitleTerm Expires
    Walter Swenson


    May 2023

    Leonard F Mort

    Vice Chairman

    April 2025

    Harold Proodian


    April 2021

    Christine A Valery


    April 2022

    Alecia Miller


    April 2021

    Resource Advisory Board Member (Appointed by the MRA)